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ULTRATAP stainless steel beer faucet


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For the perfect pour, every pour, you need Ultratap

Ultratap is the best way for your friends and customers to see your beverages being served with the most "wow factor". This tap dispenses a truly stunning pour with ease by incorporating the latest design technology that provides the ultimate laminar  flow experience.

Ultratap’s patented all stainless steel construction utilizes 21st century, laser-precision manufacturing techniques ensure your beer meets the glass in perfect condition, every time.

Ultratap’s strength is in its simplicity. It has fewer parts and a solid, all stainless steel construction.

The secret lies within Ultratap’s unique internal surface which minimises micro eddies in the flow of the liquids with dissolved gasses before it reaches the atmosphere, gliding perfectly into your glass.

And beyond the perfect pour, the Ultratap range of stainless steel tap attachments will have you pouring perfect growler fills, stout and nitro fills and even making perfect liquid to liquid ball lock transfers right from your tap to your mini kegs.

For the true laminar experience look for Ultratap wherever great beer flows.

Includes a free black slender tap handle.