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3.4kg Specialist Blends

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If you are looking for a beer with more flavour more body and a greater variety of taste difference, then our premium range of 3.4kg beer packs will meet your needs.

By incorporating premium brewing malts, from Germany, America and Australia,  these beer packs deliver loads of character and flavour.

Each pack contains bittering  hops and we also supply a separate packet of Aroma hops for addition to give a fuller hop aroma. 

You can choose from the following aroma hops:   U.S.A Cascade, German Hersburcker, German Hallertau

No added sugars are required. Each 3.4kg beer pack, complete with yeast,  will make 24 litres (30 x 740ml bottles). 

How to prepare the 3.4kg beer packs for fermentation:  It's simple.  You  dissolve the entire 3.4kg contents of the pack in water taken off the boil.  Aroma hops can be steeped in boiling water and  added at this stage, or you can add the aroma hops towards the end of fermentation.   The wort is allowed to cool before pitching the yeast.

What equipment will I require:   You will require a clean and sterilised food grade polyethelene fermenter between 24 to 30 litre capacity fitted with an airlock. Fermentation should always take place under an airlock.

Full instructions are supplied.