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Zork Closure (still wine)



(see video below)

ZORK is a revolutionary way of closing a bottle without spoiling the wine, while still preserving the brand and retaining the sense of celebration associated with opening a bottle of wine.

ZORK is ideal for home winemakers, or small scale producers as it can be inserted by hand or using a standard capping tool (attachment available)

Zork is designed to fit standard cork finish wine bottles ((18.5mm/ 0.73” STL GPI 185 12.7mm/ 0.5”)

The Major Benefits of ZORK are:

Consistent performance
Reliable application
Robust protection
Cost Competitive
Stands out
Easy to use

The ZORK is a market driven, technical solution to the wine industry's greatest challenge: how to close the bottle without spoiling the wine.

The primary functions of the three components are;

Cap: Provides a tamper evident clamp that locks onto the band of a cork mouth bottle
Foil:Provides an oxygen barrier similar to a screw cap
Plunger : Creates the 'pop' on extraction and reseals after use

All materials are FDA and EEC approved and are fully recyclable.