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White Labs SeltzerMax Yeast Nutrient WLN2500


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SeltzerMax is a blend of nutrients that has been specifically designed to create a clean, dry, and clear hard seltzer.

SeltzerMaxTM has been optimized to provide essential nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals for yeast health resulting in a fast and complete hard seltzer fermentation.

This product does contain diammonium phosphate (DAP) and has been formulated to be balanced with organic sources of nitrogen.

    • Aids a faster and easier fermentation of Hard Seltzer

    • Minimal colour and flavour impact to fermentation

    • Contains essentail nitrogen to reduce off sulphur like flavours

    • Works well with a varirty of White Labs yeast strains - try WLP001, WLP090, WLP099

Add SeltzerMax™ nutrient at the beginning of the boil with sugar. Cool the wash/wort, ferment with your chosen yeast and add finings to clear.