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Bevlex thick wall beer line (super flexible)


Bevlex by Kuriyama (USA). produce a superior thick wall kink resistance clear beverage  Food grade hose complying with FDA CFR..NSF-51. It has taste transfer protection qualities, so no interference when changing from one product to another. (e.g when transferring from one strong flavoured soft drink dispense to another.)

Perfect for beer dispensing from your kegging system. 

4mm (1/4)  ID  x 10mm OD (rated to 70psi at 70F)

8mm ID X 14mm OD (rated to 50psi at 70F))

    Dip in hot  water to stretch over slightly larger fittings.

    Using at least  2-3 metre length of 1/4ID will help lower the amount of foam in your beer.

    Sold by the metre and cut in continual lengths

    You can update the length required at the checkout