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Swedish Fermenter


HIGH HEAT AND ALCOHOL TOLERANT  food grade fermenter

Capacity 30 litre.

Imported from Sweden

complete with italian Tap,  heat proof grommit and airlock fitted.......$45.00

WHY choose this fermenter instead of a local made fermenter or bucket.....we have tried them all and found the advantages of this particular Swedish imported fermenter are numerous...firstly it is clear enough to see the process. With white fermenters you can't see what is happening and if you open the lid during the process you stop the condensation in its tracks, secondly this fermenter is wider, which gives a much bigger collection area for the condensation, and thirdly the plastic lid is more rigid and therefore doesn't warp out of shape and sink in, like softer plastics do....not to mention the whole thing is the highest quality food grade plastic, so you won't be leaching any harmful plastic chemicals into the works.

available with centre hole drilled out to house an immersion heater (see below)

this fermenter (used without the centre bucket) is suitable for all aspects of home winemaking and brewing. Imported from Sweden