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SIHA Cryarome yeast (cold fermentation)


SIHA CRYAROME yeast is a special yeast with excellent cold fermenting properties and high aroma yield. It  ferments sufficiently at lower temperatures. It is suitable for the preparation of white or red wines. It produces particularly aromatic, fresh wines and enhances the elegance and complexity especially of sweet wines. It ferments quite slowly but completely even with difficult musts. Therefore, it is equally suitable for fermenting musts and mashes, for re-fermenting  applications and for completing the fermentation of wines that have stopped fermenting

The specific advantages of SIHA CRYAROME yeast: 

  • Very rapid fermentation start,
  • reliable thorough fermentation in a wide temperature range;
  • excellent cold fermenting properties even under 59 °F (15 °C) -
  • High release of aroma components from the grapes and fermentation aromas -
  • Quickly suppresses wild yeasts and bacteria, prevents unwanted fermentation side products
  • Tolerates up to 16% alcohol by vol.

Product of SIHA Begerow Germany

(small sachets are hygenically repacked by us as original packaging only available in 500gm bricks)