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SIHA Begerow Active Strain 8 (red wine) from


SIHA Active Yeast 8 (Burgundy Yeast) from Eaton’s Begerow Product Line is a dry, pure culture yeast especially formulated for fermenting red wine mashes and red wine musts. Its special advantages include, besides preservation of color, rapid fermentation start and reliable thorough fermentation even under unfavorable conditions. This yeast strain is therefore suitable for producing red wines with a stable color from the wine types late Burgundy, black Riesling, Trollinger, Portuguese and other red wine sorts.

The specific advantages of SIHA Active Yeast 8 (Burgundy Yeast.

    •  Specially formulated for red wine mashes and musts -
    • Demonstrably less loss of color -
    • Selected over years for red wines with a typical character -
    • Very rapid fermentation start - Little formation of unwanted fermentation side products -
    • Easy suspension by stirring in – simple application 
  • The optimum fermentation temperature is 72 – 79 °F (22 – 26 °C). A starting and fermentation temperature of at least 54 °F (12 °C) is necessary.