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SIHA Begerow Active Strain 4 (Champagne) from


  • In breeding this strain particularly high requirements were made with respect to the fruitiness, juiceness and purity of the typical bouquet of champagne wines that are fermented with this product
  • This is a highly active dry yeast formulated especially for making champagne and for fermentation in the bottle by the "methode traditionale".
  • Very strong fermentation and temperature tolerant.
  • It is equally suitable for completing the fermentation of wine that has stopped fermenting or wines that exhibit 'stuck fermentation' .
  • Secondary bottle fermentation soon starts
  • Very good fermentation properties in the cold
  • Formation of a fine champagne bouquet with simultaneous intensification of the typical wine aroma
  • Easy separation of the yeasts by agitation
  • Produces a sparkle with fine bubbles