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SIHA Begerow Active Strain 3 (general purpose, MEAD)


SIHA Active Yeast 3 from Eaton’s Begerow Product Line is a pure, highly active dry yeast concentrate of natural wine yeasts from top German locations.

This dry pure culture yeast brings about a rapid start and reliable thorough fermentation, even under unfavorable conditions. It is therefore equally suitable for fermenting musts, mashes, meads and re-diluted fruit juice concentrates and completing the fermentation of wines for which fermentation was interrupted

The specific advantages of SIHA Active Yeast 3:

  • -  Very rapid fermentation start, reliable thorough fermentation over a wide range of temperature; very good cold fermentation characteristics

  • -  Quickly suppresses wild yeasts and bacteria, prevents unwanted fermentation side products

  • -  Produces clear wines with a prominent character (clear bouquet according to the variety and vineyard location)

  • -  Easy suspension by stirring in = simple application

  • -  Negligible frothing

The yeast strain selected for SIHA Active Yeast 3 produces particularly fruity and full wines. It is distinguished by its clean metabolism and produces hardly any unwanted side products during fermentation, such as SO2, H2S acetaldehyde, pyruvic acid (pyruvate), α-ketoglutaric acid, volatile acid, and ester. This prevents any taste influence caused by foreign material during fermentation. The wines’ character emerges with a clear bouquet according to the variety and vineyard location.

Available in original 500gm bricks, or repackaged and vacuum sealed into 100gm sachets.