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Rover Colombo pump and 18 pad filter


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The Filtro Colombo wine filter consists of a special electro-pump and filtering system called a pressed layer system for liquids. This filter allows users to purify drinks and achieve an excellent level of quality without altering the basic characteristics of the liquid. This product is specially suitable for filtering wine, water, infusions, beers, pharmaceutical solutions and perfumes. It requires no other maintenance than cleaning. All materials used are perfectly compatible with liquids for human consumption.

The pump can also be disconnected from the filter so you have a transfer pump only.

Rover PUMP  and  18 PAD FILTER 

 20 x 20 filter pad size

500 litre per hour




1 phase

Weight of  unit 19.5kg

box size:  33 x 51 x 32

Filter pads available: Choose from the range of Rover filter pads

Designed and manufactured in Italy


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Weight 20kg .  box size 54 x 34 x 32