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Polyclar® Brewbrite™


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OUT OF STOCK  see alternative Polyclar PVPP 

Polyclar Brewbrite, is a mixture of PVPP beer stabiliser and purified food grade Carrageenan.

Carageenan is extracted from red seaweed and is very effective at reducing the size of microbiological particles in wort resulting in a clearer result.

Polyclar® Brewbrite is a highly effective  beer stabiliser. It is optimized for single-use offering a highly effective means of preventing non biological haze/ chill haze in all types of beer. It offers the following benefits:

Easy to use with  no pre-slurrying requirements

Applicable to all beer types 

Improves wort clarity and beer colloidal stability.

No negative impact on foam, flavour or other quality parameters

Very high efficacy, using low doseage rates

Protects against chill haze development by removing haze producing polyphenols.

Typical addition rate would be between 10-20g/hl .

Add approximately 10 minutes before the end of the boil.