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King Chubby/Anvil Pressure fermenter


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The Fermenter King Chubby is the world's most affordable pressure fermenter/keg. 

These rugged, durable PET pressure fermenters are made from crystal clear PET material as Keg King's entire line of pressure fermenters and unitanks. The Chubby is perfect for 6 gallon /30 litre batches and still has plenty of headspace. 

Pressurizable up to 35 PSI.

Even without a dump valve, brewers can still extract bright, clear beer after fermentation by way of the floating dip tubes that come standard with each  Fermenter King Chubby. 

After fermentation, you can carbonate your beer, attach the Chubby to your tap system or any handheld tap, and serve directly out of the fermenter.

Alternatively, transfer carbonated beverages easily from the Chubby into kegs, mini-kegs, and growlers.

Height = 595mm to top of posts on the lidWidth = 300mm round.