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Kegomax Borsilicate glass reflux column


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The Kegomax FM Reflux Still is an all new reflux still design
that is made from borosilicate laboratory grade glass,
stainless steel and copper. The still is able to produce
extremely high grade neutral ethanol and is extremely easy to
operate. It can also be automated using a pre-wired
temp controller boxes.
This Still has been designed to be used with our Turbo Boiler 2000w
If you choose to make your own boiler the still can be easily
attached to a 50L keg using the tri-clover clamp(Sold Separatly)
and the keg fitted with an element (Sold Separately).
The reflux still includes:
• Digital thermometer
• Copper Condenser
• Stainless universal coupling to connect to Turbo Boiler
or the top of a commercial 50L keg.
• 13mm Barbs to attach regular garden hose to the
copper condenser.