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Kegmenter 20 and 26 litre from



Brand new Commercial Keg with Triclover lid and ball lock fittings.  With pressure relief valve

large 4 inch (approx 10cm) tri-clover opening at the top so you can easily get inside the keg to clean it out. Unlike most other stainless steel fermenters this Kegmenter includes the stainless steel ball lock posts (ball lock disconnects extra)  and pressure relief valve so you can use the fermenter as a keg if you want to.

These kegmenters are ideal for use as fermenters, wine topping vessels, carbonation tanks for beer, champagne or other products, mini-bright beer tank or even just a conventional keg.

20 litre   $178.00  measurements  25cm wide x 60cm high 

26 litre   $198.00  measuremnts    28cm wide x 56cm high

allow a bit extra height (10-12cm)  if adding a pressure relief valve 

Add a Pressure relief valve during fermentation