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Island Mist Strawberry and Watermelon

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Island Mist's Strawberry and Watermelon kit is packed with refreshing flavours of fresh cut fruit.

Make as a fruit sangria style wine or why not carbonate in your keg to make a sparkling fruit drink.

Alcohol: 6%*
*Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions.
Ready to drink in 4 weeks.

Winexpert Island Mist™ is a fun and fruity wine beverage 

It’s a delicious flavor experience you’ll love to share with friends and family.

Great for parties and festive celebrations.

From this box to your bottle in just 4 weeks.

At $3.00 per bottle it's not only easy drinking but very affordable wine.

  • Sweetness: Medium Sweet
  • Oak: None
  • Body: Light
  • ABV: 6%
  • Makes 23. litres
  • From box to bottle in just 4 weeks
  • Contents 6 litres of grape concentrate, fruit flavourings, natural aromas, di ammonium phosphate nutrient. Contains sulphites, Bentonite, Tartaric ACid, Kieselsol, Malic Acid, Chitosan.
  • 6 litres concentrate
  • Product weight 8.5kg
  • Made in Canada from imported ingredients.