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Intertap Flow Control tap (Stainless Steel)


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This 8473 Flow Control tap  makes balancing your beer lines a snap. It will enable you to Switch easily from one beer style to the next giving  maximum flexibility.  Additionally the forward sealing design shuts off the flow at the front of the tap which in turn keeps wild yeast and bacteria  out of  the interior of the tap body.  A clean tap means a clean tasting beer.

This tap offers the versatility of being able to interchange the spout for different beer styles by a simple action of screwing off the existing spout and replacing it with one of the other styles available.

SUPPLIED WITH BLACK SLENDER handle. (not in image)

optional extras

Stout Spout

Growler Filler

note: This intertap cannot be used with a shank spring

Each tap weights 375gm