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HopBurst® is a TOTALLY NATURAL way to add dry hop aroma independently and with ease while maintaining beer quality.,

Hopburst is a concentrated varietal hop oil extract that is added post fermentation to adjust hop aromas. It is light stable, haze free, nitrite and pesticide free and has no effect on beer foam stability

Add directly to a keg, growler or fermenter.

DOSEAGE RATE:   5-40ml per hectolitre (100 litres)..offers great value hopping


  • Burst of hop flavour,
  • removes the need to clean out hop pellets or leaf
  • No clogging of the dip tube
  • 100% soluble
  • Ease of addition
  • Can provide extra flavour and mouthfeel
  • Current HopBurst® products available are:
  • Cascade
  • Saaz
  • Citrus
  • Citralicious: An intense burst of citrus I
  • IPA
  • Limonata
  • Outback (equal to Galaxy)
  • Sour Kraut
  • Magnum

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 Available in 20ml pouches with easy drop dispensing.

Doseage rate:  5-40 ml/hl. Volume to be used is dependant on the strength of intensity required as well as the beer style. N.B Small scale trials are recommended in the Brewery to tdterimine doesage rages. Typically 15ml per hectolitre.

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