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Grain/filter bags



Beer Brew Bags

Whether your from a microbrewery,  or home brewer or winemaker,  these filter bags are for you. Used to hold most of your ingredients, these bags are tough enough to hold anything from 300grams to 5kgs. Made from  extra fine natural fibre  stockinette they are ideal to filter your grain or winemaking fruit.   Ideal to hold rice for steaming when making sake.  Washable, reusable but inexpensive enough to dispose of if you don't want the washing.

packet of 2 smaller bags $6.50 (excellent for soaking small amounts of flavour grains, herb infusions, hops etc)

packet of 2 large bags (holds up to 5kgs) $8.50  (these will  line a 25-30 litre bucket or the interior basket of a grape press. Ideal for larger infusions or for winemaking fruit etc.  excellent as an apple pulp strainer in a press.