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Draft Beer System


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This system is ready to go if you have your own fridge
 No need to drill holes in a fridge door, simply open the door and dispense with the hand  held beer gun  

This system includes:

1 x  new 19L stainless steel ball lock keg (black rubber top and bottom)
1 x Beer Gun Nylon Composite (stainless steel on parts that touch the beer)
1 x 2.6 KG CO2 bottle full of gas
1 x CO2 regulator dual gauge regulator
1 x gas and 1 x beer disconnect
2 x John Guest disconnect adaptors - so you can connect hose to the disconnects
3 metres of 5mm ID hose for dispensing the beer
1.5 metres of 5mm ID hose for sending gas from the regulator to the keg
2 x hose clamps to fit hose to regulator, and beer gun.


Please note The C02 bottle contains gas so this is a pick up in store only system.

If you require delivery we can do this minus the gas bottle. contact for a delivery quote.