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Crosby hop IDAHO #7




A newly developed hop featured in Sierra Nevada breweries  Single hop IPA.

IDAHO #7™ US Hops are sourced from lot #266 from the highly innovative and experimental family owned Jackson Hops in Caldwell, Idaho.

IDAHO #7™ US Hops has strawberry, melon, canned pineapple, white grape and unique peach aroma. Deep searching and a little warming lead to peach, tangerine, and perhaps white grape. Aroma is mild with subtle hints of pine. Complex fruity aromas of orange and apricot mesh with hints of black tea-like character and a pleasant fresh herbal bouquet.

IDAHO #7™ US Hops flavour shine with strong white grape, dark orange, clementine, tangerine and mango burst. Peach and pear join the fun towards the tail end, which finishes very dry.