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Carbon Filter Column Set



suitable for filtration of water and white alcohol

Just like in nature....the best filtration takes place when the product being filtered has the opportunity to pass or trickle through carbon over a long distance, increasing the filtration surface area a thousand fold.  (compared to a cartidge a few inches long)    The same way spring water is filtered in nature good filtration should be slow and over a long distance with lots of contact with the activated carbon.

This metre long column offers that...the finest purified result.

  • 1 metre long x 4cm wide filter column (two joined segments)
  • 1 large funnel 
  • 1 column end with tap 
  • 2 holding brackets if you want to fit it to something secure 
  • packet of 5 munktel filter papers
  • Filter column can also be purchased as a smaller unit with 1 segment (500mm)

Purchase carbon separately.