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BYO Magazine Sept/Oct 2012


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  • IPA 2.0
    • New hybrid IPA styles are cropping up all over. What’s going on with these new beers, plus how can you best brew them at home? Plus: wheat IPA, black IPA, rye IPA and Belgian IPA recipes.

  • Fermented Foods
    • “Brew” something else in your kitchen besides beer. Learn how to make your own sauerkraut, malt vinegar, sourdough bread and yogurt.

  • Behind the Scenes at Homebrew Competitions
    • Whether you’re thinking about entering a competition or starting one with your club, find out what goes on behind the scenes at homebrew competitions. 

  • Doppelbock: Style Profile
    • Doppelbock is a strong lager that’s rich and malty. Learn the keys to brewing this classic German beer.

  • Brew In A Bag: Techniques
    • Learn all-grain brewing the easy way — brew in a bag. Jump into all-grain brewing without buying a mash tun.

  • The Dreaded Diacetyl: Advanced Brewing
    •  Vicinal diketones, such as diacetyl, can ruin your beer. Find out how they’re formed and how to get rid of them.

  • Control Your Mash: Projects
    • Control your mash temperatures with temperature probes and a programmable logic controller.