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Brewzilla Brewing System 65 litre


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The Brewzilla 65 litre 3.1.1 All In One Brewery with re-circulation pump as standard is now even bigger and better than ever.

NOTE: This item requires a 15 amp power socket. (standard household sockets are 10 amp)

Triple Concealed Element Control (2000w & 1000w & 500w) with step timing and delay start feature.


This system can be used to brew single batches as well

This brewery has been designed to brew double batches but it also works great on single batches too.  In many respects it's even better than a smaller brewery for single batches as you have more power so you have less heat up time and it's also nice to have the additional head space in the brewery that further reduces the chance of boil overs.  In addition to that with a much larger diameter malt pipe you get a grain bed that is not as deep and this also helps get higher flow through the grain bed.  This means you are less likely to get stuck sparges and you can more quickly ramp up the mash temp.  So in short, yes it's a great option for single batch brews.