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Brewers Detergent (sodium metasilicate)


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Brewers Detergent, (SodiumMeta silicate) is an alkaline product that is a very effective cleaning agent for stainless steel and glass brewery equipment.

Very effective in removing grease, mould, hop oils,  and product build up on glass beer and wine bottles and stainless steel equipment.

Cleans stainless steel boilers, fermenters etc

Removes  labels from glass bottles.

Use of  protective gloves is recommended. Always rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

Should not be used on polyethelene fermenters.

Package size 1kg..$7.50

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Safety warnings: Strong Alkaline, Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If poisoning occurs contact your doctor or poisons information centre. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. Give glass of water.