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BrewEasy Adapter Kit for 10gal (57litre) system


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This product is the adapter kit only (brewpots are extra)

This is the heart of the system and includes the special lid that allows the Blichmann Brewpots  pots to be stacked and the wort drain tube installed.

Note. This kit is designed to fit Blichmann Enginnering brew pots only


  • BrewEasy Adapter Kit for 10 gallon batches
  • a stainless steel  AutoSparge™ level
  • flow control system (allows for 6 levels of flow ranging from 0.5 - 2.0 gpm)
  • a drain tube with flow orifice kit, 
  • all the misc. fittings, silicone hose, and QuickConnector™ fittings you'll need to get up and running

You will require the following size Blichmann boilermaker pots:

  • Upper pot mash tun 15gal (57litre)   
  • Lower pot boiler 20gal. (75litre) 
  • false bottom for 15 gal mash tun