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Bracton Pink Powdered Glass Soaking Concentrate


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This is a concentrated commercial quality soaking powder with descaling capabilities. Bracton Pink will remove build up and calcium stains when mixed with water into a soaking solution. Ideal for use in hard water areas. Cleans and sanitises.

Ideal for

  • All Glassware  (beer glasses, wine glasses, decanters, demijohns etc)
  • Crockery and Cutlery 

Can be used by hand (gloves recommended) or washing machines.

Directions  for use: Add 2 scoops of Bracton Pink per 30 litres of water in a plastic tub or sink. Water should be 60-70C.  Soak for 2 -3 minutes then rinse really well.

If build up is heavy soak for longer. 

3 pack sizes available

300gm screw top jar...$8.50

5kg pail.   Price on application