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Blichmann HopBlocker


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The HopBlocker is a boil kettle filtration system! 

Over a year of brutal but tasty research yielded a filtration system that has up to 95% efficiency and is virtually impervious to plugging! We have tested the HopBlocker with over a pound of pellet hops in a 20gal batch and it brought them to their knees.

Traditional screen filters quickly plug with pellet hops and other fine break material since they draw from the bottom of the pot and immediately suck all the break material into the screens where they quickly plug. For the HopBlocker, we utilized preferrential flow to leave the settled fine break material (hops and trub) undisturbed at the bottom of the pot while draining the majority of the wort through a coarse filter from the top down. When the wort level is just a couple inches from the bottom of the pot, the fine filter element is then exposed by lifting the shield and the remainder of the wort is filtered. This way, the fine filter only has to filter a small portion of the wort instead of all of it. The HopBlocker will filter 90-95% of the break material and hops out of your wort without plugging. 

While it is designed specifically for BoilerMaker pots, it can be installed in any manufacturers pot or keg. Instructions provided.

 Instructions supplied.