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Fermentation kit (30 litre)


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 The first process of alcohol making is to ferment your sugar wash, which is a combination of sugar, turbo yeast and water to make a high alcohol pre distillation wash. Home brewers would already own much of the equipment below, and would only need to purchase a few extra items to proceed.

Use this as a check list against the equipment you already have, and if you are a complete beginner this kit will give you an excellent start.

  • 30 litre white HDPE (food grade) Fermenter with screw lid and O ring
  • silicone bung and senior airlock
  • 250gm Sodium Metabisulphite sterilising powder
  • Bimetal dial thermometer with 6" probe fitted with bulkhead to fermenter lid. 
  • syphon/racking outfit including 304 stainless steel racking cane, sediment tip, racking cane holder and auto shutoff valve 
  • 2 metres of food grade beverage hose
  • 1 long handle food grade mixing spoon.
  • Hydrometer: (made in France)
  • Alcoholometer  0-100%  (for reading spirit only)
  • 250ml polyethelene test cylinder with graduation marks.
  • 1 packet of Turbo yeast to ferment 25 litres of sugar
  • 1 fining set
  • 2 Prestige Whisky, rum or  vodka flavouring essence of your choice 


You will require 8kg of sugar or dextrose. We have left this out as mail order customers may wish to purchase sugar locally as this weight would add expense to the freight costs.


After you have fermented your sugar and turbo yeast to  make a pre distillation wash, you will now require a still for the distillation process.  There are several options to choose from

Other recommended items: Alcohol purifying equipment