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Beer Kit with Super Automatica Capping Machine



Complete beer kit including:

  • 25 litre white HDPE (food grade) Fermenter with screw lid and O ring
  • grommet and S bend vintage airlock
  • glass brewers/winemakers hydrometer
  • Plastic calibrated test jar
  • Farenheit and celcius thermometer
  • 250gm Sodium Metabisulphite sterilising powder
  • 250gm Brewers detergent glass bottle wash
  • horse hair brush
  • syphon outfit including beverage hose, stainless steel syphon rod with sediment reducing tip,  and inline bottle filler
  • Customers choice of beer pack to make 24 litres. Make your choice from the drop down menu below.)
  • Super Automatica bottle capping machine
  • 100 Crown seals
  • Comprehensive instructions