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30 litre FERMENTATION KIT (equipment only) suitable for wine, beer, mead, saki.


This Fermentation kit would be useful for all brewing, mash fermentation for spirits, winemaking, cider, mead and saki making....

  • 30 litre white HDPE (food grade) Fermenter with screw lid and O ring
  • vintage S bend airlock and bung
  • Bimetal dial thermometer with long probe fitted with bulkhead to fermenter lid.  
  • syphon/racking outfit including stainless steel racking cane, sediment tip, racking cane holder  OR Easy Siphon outfit (choose from drop down menu)
  • 1.5 metres of food grade beverage hose
  • in line bottle filler for syphon hose  
  • Hydrometer: triple scale for all brewing and winemaking etc (made in France)
  • 250ml Polyethelene calibrated test cylinder
  • 'The Thief' Beer and wine sampler 
  • 250gm No rinse steriliser
  • 250gm sodium percarbonate cleaner



If you have viewed our web site you will see that we specialise in producing our own beer kit and beer pack range.
Our standard brewing kit includes the following equipment

Complete beer kit including:

  • 30 litre white HDPE (food grade) Fermenter with screw lid and O ring
  • tap from base of fermenter fitted with sediment reducing tip
  • bottle filler from the tap
  • 45mm rubber bung fitted with airlock
  • glass brewers/winemakers hydrometer
  • Plastic calibrated test jar
  • Farenheit and celcius thermometer stainless steel backed thermometer
  • (you also get a thermometer strip for the fermenter)
  • 250gm Sodium Metabisulphite sterilising powder
  • 250gm Brewers detergent glass bottle wash
  • long handle horse hair bottle brush
  •  with sediment reducing tip,  and inline bottle filler
  • Customers choice of beer pack to make 24 litres.  While we have an excellent range of our own beer packs, any of which you can have in your beer kit, we can also supply a coopers beer pack in the kit.
  • Hand capper
  • 100 Crown seals
  • Comprehensive instructions