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Artisanale Fresh wort U.S IPA


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US IPA Pale Ale
A pale ale brewed in the true American style, it is malty and aggressively hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Columbus with assertive bitterness but good balance making it a flavoursome yet easy drinking style

The original gravity is 1.065 with 62 IBU’s of bitterness.
Can be easily brewed as is by simply adding an American ale yeast Wyeast 1056 or dry yeast US05.
Or you add 3 litres of water and an American ale yeast, which will give you 20 litres at an original gravity of 1.056 and 56 IBU’s of bitterness.

Recommended Yeast:

Fermentis Safale US 05 supplied with pack

or American ale Wyeast 1056 ..separate purchase.

NOTE: Brisbane metropolitan and Gold Coast areas $6.00 delivery.  

Outside of this area, this product requires a separate delivery quote.