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Artisan Fresh Wort Two Birds Red Ale(brewed at Two Birds Brewery Melbourne)


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Artisan Ale wort kits are usually made in house on a Spiedel 500L Breaumeister Brewery. However this particular brew was a collaberation between G&G and Two Birds Brewing and was brewed at the Two Birds brewery in Spotswood. As with all of our Artisanale kits it is an all grain and brewed true to style.

NOTE: These kits are generally designed to add 3 litres of water to the fermentation for a 20L brew and to achieve the ideal balance, you may if you wish, not add the extra water for a richer, higher gravity version.


A Red Ale collaboration between Two Birds Brewing and G&G for System Wars 2015. Made with all NZ Gladfield's malts; Pale Ale, Aurora, Dark Crystal and Shepherd's Delight grains. Flavour hopped with NZ Cascade.


Approximate cube volume: 17L Plus 3L of water added to make 20L.
Starting Gravity: 1.048
Bitterness: 36 IBU's.
Late hops: NZ Cascade.
Recommended yeasts: Wyeast 1084, SAF SO4 or Danstar Nottingham.

We INCLUDE Danstar Nottingham yeast with this pack.