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Annie Rye IPA


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Style: Rye IPA

IBU 70

Malts: Pale 64% Wheat 18% Rye 12% Crystal 6% Hops Mosaic

Introducing the new release of "Annie" a single hopped anniversary ale.  This is a style of beer sometimes called a Rye PA for its close relation to its sIster brew IA.  Displays a reddish colour and complex flavour incorporating Mosaic hops at 120 minute boil, 30 minute boil, 10 minute boil.  The Mosaic hop brings aromatic and complex aromas up front including dried apricots, citrus, earthy and herbal notes. The rye then smooths the  hops leaving a  lingering and tangy pallet and a gentle warmth from the alcohol.

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Suggested yeast US05, SLP001, Nottingham.