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5 litre American oak Barrel


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These smaller size American Oak casks are a much sought after product for home enthusiasts who are serious about enhancing their wine, port or spirit with oak enhancing qualities.

These casks are of the highest quality . Each cask is individually hand cooper made and no glues or waxes are used. The oak is adequately seasoned to ensure there will be no warpage of the timber over time. The grain is tight enough for the storage of rums and spirits.

Each barrel comes dressed with a brass tap and positioned on a stand.

American Oak casks are predominantly used for spirits and fortified wines and ports.

These casks can be used for red wines where an oak aroma is desirable. This is achieved after only a SHORT PERIOD, (because unlike larger commercial barrels the wine is in contact with more oak in a smaller barrel) The wine should be removed and bottled and another batch of wine put in the cask.