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Copper immersion wort chiller


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It is important to cool brewing wort to yeast pitching temperature as quickly as possible. This super efficient copper wort chiller can easily be placed inside a boiler at the end of the boil, and by running cold water through the coils you can reduce the wort temperature very quickly.

Features: 10mm copper tube x 8 metres  $125.00

including 2 hose lengths  and 1 x brass tap fitting 

Width across coils  260mm (10-11 inches)   Overall Height 400-420mm (16-17 inches).

Please note the image shows one of the coils pulled down lower so the rest of the coils are located  higher up.  Because heat rises this assists in cooling your wort more efficiently.  It is possible to spread out all of the coils if you have a deeper container, or compact all the coils together to cool a smaller volume.

To reduce delivery size the lower coil may be squashed up to the main body...you simply need to pull it back down again.