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U.K grown brewing grains

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We stock barley malts from leading suppliers of brewing grains from the U.K

Simpsons Malt celebrate 150 years (2012) as a family owned independent maltster producing premium malt to the brewing, distilling and food related industries.  Their headquarters are in the historic town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland which is an area famous for its barley.Their range of products are made from the highest grade two-row malting barleys purchased from UK  and Scotland farms using quality assured seed. Simpsons malts are a principal ingredient of cask ales using heritage barleys.

Thomas Fawcett and Sons: The Company continues as one of the oldest family controlled and run businesses in the UK. The sixth and seventh generation of Fawcetts are actively involved in directing the activities of the Company today. With over 200 years of experience the Company has the expertise, technology and capability to produce an extensive range of Pale Ale, Crystal and Roasted Malts to a consistently high standard. Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd., operates on its original site in Castleford, West Yorkshire where all products are manufactured.

Loughran Family Malt 

Since 1908, six generations of the Loughran Family have farmed Clermont Farm, with 2015 seeing them grow their 107th crop of barley. Because their malts are grown on 1 farm they share standard planting & harvesting dates and experience a uniform crop management programme. This allows the Loughran Family to produce malts which are unmatched in terms of consistency of colour, extract and quality. They are also fully traceable right back to the actual field in which it was grown.