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NTC Temperature probe and thermowell


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 NTC STAINLESS STEEL PROBE (optional addition to digital thermostats)..$33.50


Sensor: NTC sensor
Probe Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Probe Fitting: ½ NPT male thread
Probe Stem: 200mm × 9mm diameter
Probe/Sensor Cable length: 3 meters

Suitable for hot applications up to boiling


Note. all thermostats on this page do come with a probe however this addition is excellent if you wish to immerse the probe into liquid. 

The stainless steel probe has a 1/2" bsp thread on the end. The probe is 200mm long, 8.5mm in diameter and comes with a 3 meter long cable. No need for a separate thermowell as this probe is made to last positioned in its own s/steel thermowell.   With the sensor immersed in the wort you can measure the actual fermentation temperature. You can maintain better control over your fermentation temperature by controlling wort temperature instead of the of the air temp in your fridge which can easily vary 5 to 10 degrees.