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Digital Thermostat (dual control/manual switch between modes)


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DIGITAL temperature Control thermostat. Dual purpose/broad range. No wiring or installation ...plug in ready to use immediately. 

Dimensions 77.0 x 34.5 x 65.5 mm
Display resolution: 1C
measuring precision + - 1C
Power supply 240 VAC
Temperature measuring range -40C-99C
Temp controlling range -40C - +70C
Temp differential setting range between 1-15C (default 3C) 
Ready to use: 1 x Female plug to refrigerator or  heater 
Male plug to mains supply

..$145.00 (includes all power cords, plugs, temperature sensor probe with 2m lead..ready to plug into refrigeration unit or heating element .

Please note: this unit is MANUAL switch between heating and cooling applications.