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Blichmann BrewVision® Thermometer


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This interactive product is designed to assist you throughout your brew day like your own personal digital brewing assistant!
Every brewer loves to have a perfect brew day.  But brew day can be hectic.  Monitoring thermometers on a kettle, running timers, viewing recipe information, cleaning fermentors, and the enevitable interruptions of daily life often causes unintentional errors.  The mission of the BrewVision® is to put temperatures, timers, and recipe information into the palm of your hand and to provide a fully interactive brew day.  In short, BrewVision® is your interactive digital assistant brewer making sure you hit your temps, hold your temps, never miss a boil addition, and chill to the perfect temperature.  BrewVision® makes every brew day a perfect brew day!

Key Features:

  • Interactive Updates and Alerts.
  • BeerSmith™ Recipe Integration.
  • Recordable Results.
  • Pair Up to 7 Sensors with Customizable Names.
  • Dashboard Sensor Overview.
  • 120 Hour Battery Life (about 20 batches).
  • Range: 30 ft Indoors, 100ft Unobstructed.
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius Setting.
  • Made in USA.

Compatible with iPad 3rd gen (2012) or newer, iPhone 4s (2010) or newer, iPod Touch 5th gen (2012) or newer.