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Syphon Bottle filler


Tired of plastic bottle fillers falling apart or the bottom coming off during bottling.  Especially where large volumes need to be hand bottled the gravity force of the liquid plays havoc with plastic bottle fillers.

This Gravity feed bottle filler is ideal for all beer and wine bottling.

Total ease of operation with the Stainless steel ball valve tap to control the flow of beer or wine into your bottles.

Stainless steel tube reaches to the bottom of wine or large beer bottles so that splashing does not occur.

Fast, efficient and giving total control over bottle filling from a gravity fill situation.

operating suggestions:  You can either add this to a stainless steel syphon/racking tube with hose, or you can run hose from a beer tap from the bottom of your fermenter to the bottle filler.  The fermenter should be higher than the bottles to be filled.