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Black Strap Molasses...certified organic


Organic Black Strap Molasses - -No GMO. Sulphur free. No added flavours, colours or preservatives.

Organic Black strap molasses retains all of the original nutrients. It is high in iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium and including both selenium and vitamin B6.  It is a residual by product of the processing of raw cane sugar.

Molasses can add a strong, sweet flavour to a beer and is more commonly used in Porters and Stouts at the rate of 5-10% of the fermentables.

 It can be added directly to the boiling wort.

Sulphur Free

product of Mozambique

packaged in easy pour 3kg container....$22.00

20kg Bulk Pail $89.00  (delivery price on application)

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