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Stainless Steel maintenance products

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Organic cleaner suitable for all stainless steel equipment including brewery and winery equipment, bar and kegging equipment, coffee machines, cooking stoves, fridges and kitchen equipment.

Emergo Metal Treatment products are specialised in cleaning and maintaining non-ferrous metals.  These metals are durable and low maintenance, but definitely not maintenance free!

Emergo products are a unique line of cleaners and rust removers for stainless steel and other metals.

What makes Emergo Metal cleaning products  different:

 ▪ First of all: Innosoft and Innoprotect do work! Flash rust upon stainless steel disappears smoothly.

▪ It does not only work on stainless steel, but also on other metals like copper, aluminum and even plain steels.
▪ The product is organic, not dangerous for people and environment. 

▪ It does not affect the oxide skin of the metal: Innosoft is aggressive for rust, but mild for metals.

▪ By tensides that reduces the surface tension, this product penetrates into the pores of the stainless steel, so one can counteract the so-called ‘under deposit attack’.
▪ In combination with Innoprotect, Innosoft prevents corrosion in the future as much as possible.