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N.Z. WILLIAMETE whole hop cones


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2019 CROP 

vacuum sealed 200gm bag

alpha  acid 7.8%

New Zealand grown US aroma cultivar with mild and pleasant, slightly spicy
floral tones (4-6 %AA)

Willamette Hops are the most widely grown aroma hop in the US; released from the
USDA breeding program in 1976. They are named after the mighty river that pours
through the Willamette Valley in North Western Oregon. Willamette Hops are a
triploid seedling of Fuggle, which is a quintessential English variety that has
shaped decades of beer brewing.
Willamette is an aroma hop variety with a low alpha acid content at 4.0%-6.0%.
Although Willamette can contribute slightly to the bittering of a homebrew or
craft beer, Willamette dominates its usage for its flavor and aroma and is noted
for its mild and pleasant, with slightly spicy and floral tones.

Typical Beer Styles: Used in both American and English-style ales.