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Mangrove Jacks Grain kits

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The brief to the award winning brewers who designed the Mangrove Jacks all grain brews was to produce the best of the style that they could. Because of this these kits are loaded with fantastic hops, yeast, grain and more. Some hops are not available anywhere else.

All the kits are produced on a commercial three roller mill and vacuum packed to give you the freshest possible ingredients. The hops are also packed off immediately from their original packaging into correct quantities for your addition so you only need to open these bags at the last minute before adding. This guarantees the freshest, fullest flavour and aroma

Styles available included the Jacked up APA, Easy drop Session IPA, Glacial NZ Pilsner (two varieties) and the Chur! Pale Ale.The next to be released is a premium Black IPA designed by UK based brewer James Kemp.

All kits contain everything you need to make the specific recipes.