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Magnetic DIGITAL Stir Plate V3


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note: Erlenmeyer glass flask is not supplied with this stir plate. Purchase separately.

PID controlled magnetic stirrer for home brewers or other suitable laboratory application.

The unique "set and forget" method of speed control promotes consistency across your starters by allowing you to dial up exactly the same speed each and every time you grow a starter, therefore helping to stabilise variables like wort aeration, temperature increase or perhaps even cell stress levels that could impact the quality and growth rate of your starters. While there are still many other factors at play, we hope that by keeping some variables in check you will be able to achieve more consistent pitching rates, allowing you to brew your favourite batch with even more consistency!

While the digital stirplate is only small in size, it really packs a punch in it's ability to stir large starters. Using the provided 30mm stir bars, we are able to stir a vortex all the way to the bottom of a 5L flask that physically dwarfs the stirplate. That being said, due to the precise nature of the digital control system the Digital Stir Plate also really shines at stirring small starters at slow and consistent speeds. Even with the very same 30mm stir bar that works with 5L starters.

Minimum speed: 100RPM

Maximum Speed: 2000 RPM

Step 100RPM


What about quality, will it last?

The Digital Stirplate is Australian Designed and assembled. The front membrane is splash proof and the case is professionally CNC cut and screen printed. The internals are securely bolted together and the case also has mounting flanges on the sides so you can easily affix it to a brewing bench for added stability. Each Digital Stirplate is individually tested before shipping and comes with DigitalHomebrew's "NO BS" lifetime warranty. We really want this stir plate to serve you for a lifetime, and if there's anything inferior about it, we WANT to know! So if anything goes wrong, just send it back with proof of purchase and we will gladly repair your stir plate, or replace it with a new one!