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5 litre Tawny (port style) Kit


Note: image being updated shortly as product label has changed.

(image to be updated….we are also adding a 5 litre PRO series measuring jug to this kit as well as a polyethylene test jar and hydrometer)

This kit includes:

  • 1 litre TAWNY (port style) grape concentrate (to make 5 litres). Made from Australian grown grapes..... 
  • pure strain winemaking yeast 
  • 5 litre Italian imported glass demijohn
  • swing clip lid to fit
  • silicone winery grade bung and airlock
  • 5 litre calibrated PRO series measuring jug (not in image)
  • Winemakers triple scale hydrometer (not in image)
  • 250ml Polyethelene graduated test jar (not in image)
  • syphon outfit including 304 stainless steel racking cane, sediment tip,  beverage hose and bottle filler 
  • Sterilising sanitiser
  • campden tablets
  • stabilising powder
  • French oak chips
  • packet of 10 Novatwist wine capsules ( hand applied to fit Australian screw top wine bottles)