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Fermentasaurus UNI TANK GEN 3


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G3 Fermenter King. Pressure fermentation with a higher level of control than ever before.

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Add wort and yeast and watch the magic of Fermentation.

Dump sediment and yeast after fermentation

Bottle, Keg or Carbonate and serve with optional pressure lid

Brewers can pressurize the vessel up to 35psi to carbonate and dispense directly from Fermenter King like a keg! Alternatively, brewers can transfer under pressure to stainless kegs without oxygen exposure.

  • NEW  IMPROVED FEATURES of Gen 3 model
  • New Plunger Valve - More sanitary and easy to use!
  • New Thermowell - Get true liquid temperature readings
  • New Floating Dip Tube - Fixed central tank position
  • New dry Hop Port - Wider access lid port for easy dry-hopping
  • New Tri-Clover Compatibility - Attach any number of 2 inch Tri-Clover accessories
  • Optional Temp Control - Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally
  • CIP Capable - Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy cleaning without scrubbing
  • Compatible with Gen 1 collection bottles


  • 35 LITRE Conical Fermenter (BPA FREE)
  • Collection Bottle
  • Butterfly Dump Valve
  • Stainless steel stand
  • Fermentation lid with airlock

Pressure /carbonation lid options extra

Box Size  38 x 38 x 68cm Actual Weight 4kg.

this product may ship by cubic weight depending on destination.