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400gm (refillable) C02 cylinder (with shut off valve)


This handy Aluminium Carbon  dioxide cylinder holds 400gm of C02 and is the perfect size for party kegs or for those who do not wish to handle larger C02 bottles. 

Fully test stamped and compatible with Australian standard C02 cylinders. (type 30 thread). Australian standards certification for all states in Australia and legally refillable.

Because this cylinder has a shut off valve, and has the type 30 thread,  it can be refilled at any refill centres.

Available empty of gas  (for mail order delivery) $66.00

or with gas $80.00

For in store customers we offer a swap and go service..refills $16.00

You can use any Type 30 thread regulator on this cylinder.  For great portability we  have a mini regulator as seen in the image