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Bench Top Water filter housing


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Improve your drinking water, or purify water for all you brewing and wine making

Attractive BENCH TOP water filter housing. Suitable for 10" cartridges (purchase carbon cartridge separately)

Comes with a lever operated diverter valve so you can control the flow of water either direct to the sink or through the water filter.

The bottom exit spout is moveable, allowing greater
flexibility in the positioning of the unit on the sink.

Bench top housing. tap fitting (diverter valve)  ......$65.00

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Matrikx CTO carbon filter cartridge 5 micron (for taste, odour, sediment and Chlorine removal...$14.50


Matrikx Pb1 carbon filter cartridge 0.5 micron (for taste, odour, sediment, Chlorine, Cyst reduction, Gieardia, Cryptosporidium removal)..$25.00